Read RSS and more

Be aware of what's relevant to you

Get rid of the noise


Collect and organize content like a professional

Save hours of time searching and tracking content

Organize all your trusted sources into one place

Follow sites that don't have RSS feeds (Telegram, Substack, Youtube and others).

Including non-public Boosty, Fanbox and others.

The list is subject to change.

feature screenshot
feature screenshot

Read anywhere and anytime

Mobile and desktop apps with sync and offline mode.

Here, there is no need for the constant availability of the Internet. Download the information at home or work via Wi-Fi and read it on a trip, subway, or then out of town. No matter where you are, the sync will just happen the next time you are connected.

Also, we try to keep file sizes as small as possible for downloads. This is very helpful for people with expensive or slow internet access.

Set up your rules.

There's no obscure algorithm here, like on social networks. You add your own sources and read everything they post. Or you set up your own filtering rules.

You can set up auto-save copies, for example to Dropbox or similar.

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Privacy is most important

We will never sell your information to anyone. No ad networks. No cookies.

You're a customer, not a product. And some of the functionality is paid.

Reduce disorder.

Full-text search online and simplified search offline.

Add notes and manage tags. Use folders.

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Keep track of what's important

Keep track of keywords, set up email or push notification rules.

Or set up rules to automatically remove unimportant stuff.

Unlike some competitors, we don't have a monthly unread list limit.

And many other opportunities

Probably exceed your expectations

Multiple themes and dark mode
Different fonts and sizes
Keyboard shortcuts
Text voiceover
Full text version
Dynamic filters
You can disable interface elements and unread counter

Just try it